Seragam, Jaket Tempur dan Dinas Militer Amerika PD II

United States Army Uniforms, 1941. 

U.S. Army Uniform in 1939. 

Coat, Wool Serge, OD 1941.  
Soldier Wearing Model 1942 Modified Mackinaw (2nd Pattern).

Soldier wearing Model 1938 1st Pattern Mackinaw, on Cushman scooter.
Major Thomas M. Williams (L) of San Antonio, TX, Commanding Officer, 2018th Prisoner of War Detachment, wearing Overcoat, Short, Officer's, M-1926, an uncommon coat. S/Sgt. Jack N. Cobb (R) of Holland, MI, 5th Medical Bn, attached to the 5th Infantry Division, wearing Overcoat, Wool, Melton, OD, Roll Collar, 32 oz., with post-1942 plastic buttons. Photo dated 15 February 1945. 

1945 Photo of tired Bazooka-man wearing Overcoat, Wool, Roll Collar with what appear to be brass buttons. 

 Experimental Pile Lined, Overcoat Parka, Fur Trimmed from early WW II. 

 Rear view of Mountain Jacket, rear pocket loaded.

Jacket, Mountain.

  Army patrol in two piece camouflage uniforms.

Exhibiting three styles of WW II officer's uniforms: (left to right) Major General David G. Barr, G-1 of Army Ground Forces, Brigadier General Henry Barlow Cheadle, CG, 10th Armored Division, and Colonel Basil G. Thayer, Deputy Divisional Commander, 10th Armored, Newport News, VA, 13 October 1945. 

3rd Armored Soldier Wearing Jacket, Combat, Winter
Wearing Jacket, Combat, Winter
Wearing Jacket, Combat, Winter. 

 Tanker Jacket

Trousers, Combat, Winter. 
Trousers, Combat, Winter detail of second pattern bib hardware. 
Trousers, Combat, Winter -- Lower Leg